Phi Management's Consulting Services are dedicated to helping organisations cope with today's turbulent markets. Our exposure to numerous industries and organisations allows us to provide a wider perspective of the markets' complexities.


Our consultants, from Occupational Psychology and Human Resources backgrounds, are good at building positive dyadic relationships with our customers. They have extensive experience in successful organisational change implementation; change that is performed using valid and reliable assessment tools, ensuring measurable outcomes.

Our services range from developing strategies to establishing more sophisticated and structured organisational processes, policies, and procedures.


Corporate Organisational Learning

Phi Management’s corporate Learning and Development (L&D) services are key forces in driving organisational success.

At the heart of these services is our determination to help organisations develop resource-based strategies, and to learn how to use staff development as a new source of competitive advantage. Our L&D consultants seek to unlock the skills and competencies of employees by improving job performance and contributing to organisational efficiency and effectiveness.





We provide a variety of L&D consulting services that will impact both on organisations' present and future outlook, from setting corporate L&D strategies to supporting L&D specialists in their initiatives:


Corporate L&D Strategies

Setting-up L&D systems, processes, policies, and procedures

L&D Audit

L&D Standards


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Customer Service

Phi Management is extremely effective at helping organisations seek differentiation and customer loyalty through improved customer service.

We offer valid, reliable, and cost-effective tools that provide precise measures of service performance to help organisations with their "change decision-making", and proactively turn service problems into opportunities before their customers report them.





We have extensive experience, particularly within the retail and hospitality industries, in designing and developing the processes needed for effective customer service, as well as improving organisations' market orientation by adding long-term value to its' service delivery.

Phi can also provide you with:

Standard Operations Procedures

Mystery guest visits and reports


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Employees Relations

Phi Management develop 'surveys' that allow employees to express their thoughts and opinions and to contribute to the development of the organisation’s future.

Our surveys help those at the top of the ladder to understand how a good strategy is connected and executed at an operational level: lowers absenteeism; improves employee satisfaction and engagement, and removes other challenges that can retard an organisation’s effectiveness and growth.


These unique breakthrough Employee Relations services facilitate the development of highly cohesive resources and allow a high level of alignment between all elements of an organisation.


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Employment Management

Based on strategies and phases in your organisation’s growth, Phi Management crafts Employment Management System to align and re-align practices with employees’ behaviours in a continuously changing environment.

We understand that standardised rules regarding employment policies and procedures exist as principles of design. However, we believe that organisations are 'open systems' that constantly interact with different environments, and the appropriateness of these systems, policies and procedures require constant attention and monitoring.





Employment Administration

Termination Administration

Employee Handbook


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Performance Management

Phi Management provides Performance Management services that have a profoundly positive effect on individual and organisational performance.

Our consultants examine organisations' current Performance Management System, that is embedded within their culture and environment, from beginning to end. They actualise and re-shape systems by focusing on three pillars: system development, appraisal processes, and feedback processes.


When designing your new Performance Management System, the perception of fairness is central in order to ensure that all procedures and outcomes are both appropriate and consistent.


Performance Management System

Performance Appraisal System

Competency Framework Dictionary

Rewarding and Promotion-Based Performance

Key Performance Indicators Dictionary


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Psychometric Testing

Thanks to its high validity and ability to provide objective, reliable measures of individuals' performance and working style, the use of Psychometric Tests is on the rise.

Phi Management's consultants, who are Level A and Level B accredited, will help organisations to conduct the appropriate psychometric tests, interpret results, and provide them with the information they need to select and place the right candidate in the right role.





They will also provide valuable input to help organisations manage talent throughout careers.


Phi consultants can administer and interpret the following occupational and personality tests:


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Others that require Level A and B accreditation



Saville Wave

Talent Q

DiSC Profiling


Reward Management

Phi Management distinguish itself by incorporating what we have learned during our extensive experience in the market into our professional practices and consulting services.

Our Reward Management services are paramount because they increase organisation's effectiveness, enhance employees' quality of life, reduce incidents of counter-productivity, and increase incidents of recognition.





This result is a positive organisational culture.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary Scale

Incentive Schemes


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Talent Acquisition

Phi Management's 'Talent Acquisition' services help organisations to mature their recruitment efforts by replacing antiquated processes with contemporary strategic systems and a holistic approach to talent.

We focus on aligning talent acquisition practices with organisational objectives to drive business outcomes. Our solutions do not only integrate elements that ensure business alignment, they also help organisations activate employment branding and create valid and reliable metrics to drive continuous improvement.





Recruitment Strategy Aligned to the Business Plan


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Workforce Planning


Defining Role Requirements


Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition


Talent Sourcing


Screening and Talent Assessment Tools


Assessment Centres (Mangrove®)

  • Competency Based Interview (CBI)
  • Psychometrics (Occupational Ability And Personality Testing)
  • Job and Company Fit
  • Savile Row® Assessment Tailored Solutions
  • Interview Guide
  • Recruitment Processes and Procedures


Talent Management - Assessment

Phi Management's 'Group Talent Management' services help organisations to identify and develop talents using the measures that best predict job success.

We offer a highly diversified pool of reliable assessment and selection, tools and techniques to measure characteristics and performance with almost perfect accuracy.



Our approach examines your existing procedures, before developing and combining standardised measures, to produce optimal predictions with reference to your organisation's strategy, vision and objectives.

Talent Strategy

Evaluate talent capabilities based on specific Competencies

Assessment Tools



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Assess high potential and managers readiness through:

  • Assessment and Development Centres
  • Competency Based Interviews
  • Performance and Development tool: 360 Feedback Surveys
  • Work Samples and Business Simulations
  • Savile Row® Assessment Tailored Solutions


Talent Management - Development

Phi Management’s consultants are committed to talent development excellence through solutions that are business-driven, future-focused, integrated into a wider talent management process, and that deliver measurable results.

We help you formulate strategies and develop programmes and systems that promote organisations as a '‘talent magnet'.


We decrease talent outages, translate 'turnover' into 'planned succession', ensuring employers retain talented individuals who will fulfill their aspirations and drive organisation's performance.


Leadership Development

Coaching and Mentoring

Create Individual Development Plan

Leadership Development Academies

Succession Planning


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