Savile Row®
Assessment Tailored Solutions

Savile Row® offers a range of diversified, valid, fair and effective assessment tools, which Phi 'tailor-makes' into solutions specifically based on organisations' competency framework. These customised 'bespoke' solutions are individually created by Phi to perfectly meet organisations' selection and development needs.


How does Savile row®
tools work?

Understand and Assess

  • Need(s) Analysis – understand organisations' needs, strategy, vision, and expectations of the assessment
  • Job Analysis - identify job competencies and behavioural classifications

Build And Design

Tailor exercises based on organisations’ competency framework. Exercises include but not limited to:

  • in-tray exercises
  • case studies analysis
  • work samples and simulations
  • job knowledge tests
  • situational judgment tests
  • leaderless group discussions
  • role plays
  • fact finding
  • competency-based interviews
  • language tests
  • weighted job application
  • coaching exercises
  • negotiation exercises
  • unassigned group exercises
  • assigned group exercises

Verificate And Validate

  • Test the validity and reliability of the designed exercises

Execute And Follow-Up

  • Follow-up with organisations to ensure that exercises are meeting their expectations and that administration procedure of exercises are meeting Phi's standards and guidelines



Savile Row® is a famous street in Mayfair, central London where skilled tailors have been successfully doing their business since the late 18th century. The term 'bespoke' is understood to have originated in Savile Row, and means 'cut and made by hand'. To this day Savile Row is famous for creating fine quality, bespoke tailor-made' suits.


When is Savile Row ®used?

To understand the performance of individuals in a predictive sense and make good talent selection decisions, Savile Row®'s tailored solutions are effective for minimising the risk of a bad hire or a promotion, and for improving business performance.


Savile Row® offers organisations bespoke solutions to identify the learning and development needs of employees, ensuring maximum return on organisations’ investment for future business success.

Why Savile Row®?

Savile Row® tailored solutions:

  • are highly predictive of job performance in a wide variety of jobs;
  • offer rigorous, cost-effective solutions that take less time;
  • add validity to selection and development systems;
  • use a systematic approach towards getting information about individuals;
  • are supported by measurement specialists to meet specific hiring needs;
  • are conducted by qualified psychologists to have solid and reliable evidence to base decisions on.


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