Phi's 'Training Toolkit' is a documented training manual, that provides a guidance for organisational trainers to conduct specific courses within their organisations. Our Training Toolkit includes all the materials required to assist internal trainers in delivering professional trainings.

What's in a training toolkit package?

Each Training Toolkit contains the essential components required to deliver cost-effective training courses, including:

A Toolkit 'User's Guide'

A written guide, that shows users how to utilize the Training Toolkit.


Evaluation Documents

1. Pre-course evaluation document/s

2. Post-course evaluation document/s

3. Participants evaluation form


Training Delivery Documents

1. PowerPoint presentation/s

2. Tutor's notes

3. Session notes and development

4. Course workbook/s

5. Session hand-out/s



Training Games

These are recommended for enhancing the learning experience and helping delegates apply their learning more easily and effectively in the workplace. All our games are designed to make delegates’ experience more meaningful and fun.

Learning Tools

1. Ice Breakers

2. Games

3. Case studies

4. Scenarios

5. Role plays

6. Tests

7. DVDs


Training DVDs

These are used to facilitate learning activities. They include reality scenes played by authentic characters, who deal with common workplace issues that many managers or staff members might experience. Our DVDs deliver learning content clearly, powerfully and effectively.




Phi offers two types of Training Toolkits:


Off-the-shelf Toolkits

Off-the-shelf Toolkits are 'ready-to-run' training programmes encompassing a wide range of generic topics relevant to many busy and 'growing' organisations.


Phi has done all the hard work putting together all the training materials needed by customers in one comprehensive package, making it easy for the trainer to do his or her job.


All our Off-the-shelf Toolkits are available in English, but they can be translated into Arabic upon request.

Available Toolkits

1. Communication Skills
2. Business Ethics
3. Time & Stress Management
4. Professional Behaviour & Business Etiquette
5. Customer Service
6. Selling Skills
7. Performance Management
8. Health & Safety
9. Food Safety
10. Fire Training
11. Telephone Etiquette
12. Etiquette Training


Customised Toolkits

Phi Management helps organisations in analysing their training needs, and designing customized training programs systematically. We help customers provide effective trainings through identifying the performance they wish to enhance for a particular job, and place training interventions and modules specific to their organisation in a manual.


Phi's Customised Toolkits are written in a user-friendly manner and an easy-to-understand format related to the environment in which they will be used. They also meet 'Train The Trainer (TTT)' international standards.


Our Customised Toolkits are generally written and presented in English, but they can be translated into any other language upon request.