Our Methodology

Phi Management provides organisations with tailored Learning & Development (L&D) solutions, using proven methodologies and standardized frameworks to ensure alignment with organisational objectives, while remaining innovative and eminent in technology use.


Our approach combines industry best practices with extensive practical experience in the learning field. First, we help organisations assess their business needs and design practical solutions; then we develop, implement, integrate, and finally evaluate the learning solutions.


Whether organisations need regular competency based programs or experience-oriented trainings, our approach is customized to organisational situations, business cultures, and existing practices.


We analyse organisations' business needs and develop learning solutions that align with their strategies and core values.


We use a combination of proven methods that help us identify and assess the learning gaps. When a learning need is identified, we conduct a thorough analysis to ensure that we understand the background and needs of each audience before we start content design, conversion, or development.


We capture and analyse competencies, performance-based goals and objectives, skill gaps, resource allocation requirements, delivery targets, infrastructure, and evaluation needs.



Our specialty is to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers; so we give great importance to this step. During this Phase, that we internally call "Roadmap Design", we work very closely with our customers to develop training objectives, detailed outlines and storyboards, to ensure that the design accommodates to their initial request.


When designing the programs, we consider the learning objectives, learner preferences, content complexity and sequence, and relevancy to the job. Our goal is to ensure that the solutions we design match the technological, cultural, and strategic characteristics of organisations, and deliver the results that support and enhance the performance of employees.



Following the validation of the "Roadmap Design", our instructional design team starts developing the "content". We put effort not only in choosing our content but also in deciding HOW the information will be transmitted to the participants. Our methodology is based on experiential active learning, combined with assessment and development tools, as well as self-knowledge and self-discovery instruments.


We use an online learning portal to provide several learning solutions in any traditional workshop settings. It is our way to make sure that the learning is anchored and practiced throughout the course.




During the Implementation Phase, we actually deliver training solutions to our customers in a classroom setting course, e-learning content, or using a blended approach.


Phi offers more than just training programmes; the trainers and facilitators foster learning amongst the participants using an eliciting approach based on experiential techniques and practical involvement. We ensure that organisations' end-to-end solutions provide their learners what they need to improve their performance.



In line with our philosophy, all our L&D interventions and activities must be able to be measured and presented clearly and concisely. Our credibility relies not only on our high training standards, but also on helping organisations collect data using an evaluation platform, and guiding them to calculate their L&D activities' ROI.


At Phi, we offer a comprehensive approach to effective evaluation that provides feedback for training revisions and improvement, assesses learners' reaction to the course and training environment, determines whether performance-based objectives have been met, and assesses impact on organisational-level and course-level objectives.


We take pride of our brand credo and we work consistently to prove that "Great works come with measurable results".