360 Feedback Questionnaire®
Leadership Assessment Tool

360 Quest® is a web-based questionnaire designed by Phi Management. It addresses important leadership pillars and is based on the 360 Degrees Appraisal System, in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them: peers, team members, direct manager(s) and others, as well as themselves. This gives the employee a clear picture of his/her own greatest overall strengths and areas for development.



How does it work?


  • Careful analyses of organisation’s standards and future needs;
  • Designing or selecting objective measures of behaviours to gain insight into how others perceive an individual, giving him/her the opportunity to adjust behaviours and develop skills that help him/her excel in his/her role.
    We offer:
  • Customised Surveys
  • Standardised Surveys
  • Assessing who to include as respondents;
  • Automating the administration process that saves tremendous time, energy, and time;
  • Providing feedback that gives individuals complete and accurate picture of their performance;
  • Developing and validating individual development plans with participants' line managers.

Administration and providing feedback require Phi 360 Quest® certified user.




Why 360 Quest®?

  • Adds greater depth to the appraisal process;
  • Provides a structured evaluation based on various sources;
  • Focuses on development purposes rather than appraisal;
  • Provides knowledge value metrics that are reliable and used as an auditable measure;
  • Matches organisational competency frameworks;
  • Makes appraisal more transparent, measurable, and accountable for performance;
  • Is capable of summarising data from multiple sources into customised feedback reports.

What 360 Quest® delivers?

  • Individual report including Individual Development Plan
  • Team report

360Quest® upgraded features (starting 2017)

Survey platform

  • Upgrade to responsive design (compatibility with smartphones and pads)


  • Now available in 2 languages (English and Arabic)

Real-time survey progress summary

  • Online access to real-time completion rates of the surveys per subject per relationship via an online platform

Report upgrade

  • New facelift for the individual reports


When is 360 Quest® used?

  • Leadership and Executive Development programmes;
  • Individual and Team Development;
  • Organisational Performance improvement;
  • Succession Planning purpose;
  • Awareness of employee strengths and weaknesses.

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