Speakers Corner®
Public Speaking & Communication Academy

Speakers' Corner® at Phi Management is a section of the Training and Development programs that specifically deals with all aspects related to Communication, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.


It concentrates on the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners. Speakers' Corner® supplies a powerful tool to use for purposes such as motivation, influence, persuasion, informing, selling, or simply entertaining. Any speaker whether giving a speech at Hyde Park on Sunday morning, a presentation for annual budgeting or sales pitch, must possess certain qualities to be able to give an effective presentation.


Every speaker must be able to stand in front of an audience confidently, deliver a well-structured and meaningful presentation, hold the audience attention and leave a lasting impression. Speakers' Corner® Presentation and Public Speaking offers three levels of courses designed to develop your skills using our highly effective, practical exercises. You will receive practical, constructive feedback to help you grow in confidence and build your skills as your training progresses.

Experiential Techniques

According to the famous saying of Confucius "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand", the experiential training techniques emphasize how involvement, experiences, including cognitions, environmental factors, and emotions, influence the learning process.

At Phi, we design highly interactive and participative training courses where all the learners are involved in the knowledge transfer process instead of passively receiving the information.

Each workshop is tailored to gain the optimum engagement from the participants through:

  • Group or individual exercises
  • Learning games followed by instructional/informative debrief
  • Skills practice with feedback
  • Learning videos (DVDs)
  • Videotaping, playback and feedback
  • Role plays and behavioral simulations
  • Assignments, case studies and small projects
  • Self-Assessments questionnaires
  • Pre & post course online assessments

The term Speakers' Corner® is a term originated in the north-east corner of Hyde Park in London, England. Speakers' Corner® is the spiritual home of the British democratic tradition of soapbox oratory. Every Sunday, since the right of free assembly was recognized in 1872 in the Royal Parks and Garden's Act, people from all walks of life have gathered to listen to speeches about anything and everything.

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