Phi Certifications

Years of research and extensive experience in the business of training allow Phi Management to award certifications based on the highest international standards in each topic.
To gain the certification, the participant must be able to give a comprehensive and effective demonstration of the acquired skills and to achieve the required criteria for the certification.



Train The Trainer

'Train The Trainer' is a series of certification programs that teaches trainees how to become trainers themselves. These certifications allow the delegates to learn or reinforce, the knowledge and skills that are required to design and deliver effective interactive training sessions.

Phi has two types of 'Train The Trainer' workshops, both of which are followed by a final assessment dependent on the certification type:

  • On the Job:
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    It allows the delegate to become a "technical" trainer who can deliver training sessions on one-to-one basis on topics related to the tasks and standards of the operation.

  • Off the Job:
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    It allows the delegate to become a "non-technical" trainer who can deliver training sessions to a group of individuals on topics related to any kind of knowledge and behavioural skills (also known as soft skills)

360Q Certification

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360 Quest Certification is mandatory for every user who wishes to provide feedback on any 360Q report. During this course, participants will learn to identify the technical background upon which 360Q was designed, understand the 360Q competency framework, analyse and interpret the 360Q report, learn and develop feedback techniques, identify components of a constructive feedback, deliver or facilitate a 360Q feedback and relate the 360Q findings to development plans. Following this course, participants will become certified 360Q feedback facilitators and will receive a certificate of achievement upon successful completion of the course.


Assessor Skills

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The 'Assessor Skills' workshop focuses on developing the skills required to become a qualified Assessor. It is suitable for HR professionals and line managers who wish to take part in the assessors’ team in any assessment or development centre. This course is suitable for those who have limited experience in this field or those who are more experienced and want to sharpen their skills and techniques. It is not aimed to those who wish to design Assessment & Development Centres (who should attend the Assessment Centre Design Certification).

Assessment Centre Design

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The 'Assessment Centre Design' is suitable for experienced assessors to provide them with the entire process of designing, deploying and managing an effective assessment centre in their organisation. It enables delegates to manage all aspects of an Assessment or Development Centre from creating an internal policy, selecting the appropriate assessment exercises, through to validating the outcomes of the Centre itself.

Facilitation Skills

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The 'Facilitation Skills' Certification is designed and endorsed by the "Association Of Facilitators in the UK"  to introduce the fundamentals of facilitator style and provide you with new ways and confidence to lead groups and teams. It is designed for anyone, working at any level, with any group, who wants to consolidate, broaden and enliven their style of facilitation. During the course, you will be provided with facilitation models, tools and techniques to help you in engaging, leading and developing others. These skills are essential for healthy leadership, management and participation in groups.