Phi Corporate Academy

A Phi Training Academy is a corporate L&D institute that is uniquely tailored for each organisation. It answers organisations’ strategic needs and human capital aspirations. Phi Management works with regional organisations to accompany and develop their talents.

How It Works?

Phi Management creates, designs, and manages corporate training academy that is focused on organisations’ primary objectives and priorities, which links learning activities directly to organisations' strategies. The curriculums are designed according to the specific competencies set for each job function and level.


Phi Corporate Training Academy consists of a series of focused, competency-based workshops offered in a number of blocks over a specific period of time. These involve several groups, multiple trainers along with a wide choice of development methods and a variety of courses that can include: people management, financial acumen, business understanding, etc.


The success of Phi Training Academies relies on the combination of the many tools used in each course in the Academy. These tools include:


Phi Corporate Academy

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What Are the Benefits
of Phi Training Academy?

  • Effective learning methods that suit the industry/profiles of the participants
  • Standardised behavioural outcome/alignment of skills and behaviours
  • Increased employee involvement and engagement
  • Line managers and business partners involvement
  • Reduced training costs