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Phi Management: Assessment Centres: From World War II To Present Day


Looking back at the history of assessment centres – they originated in a military context by the German intelligence and were refined by the British and the Americans in WWII, moving into commercial use in the 1950’s by AT&T and other large organisations. The expansion of usage came mainly in the seventies where they also began being used for development purposes. Today, they are fairly commonly used in all sizes of organisations.

Organisations today can sometimes fall into unnoticed business traps; and some of the most common ones are using out-dated competency frameworks or out-dated delivery practices. As you can read in this excellent article by Resource Bank, “today is just a different leadership world”!


Phi Management understands the needs of today’s various organisations, which make the Mangrove® Assessment & Development Centres highly recommended for companies to use as a service that creates assessment centres for recruitment, development, identifying high potential, promotion, and succession planning. Based on the company’s competency framework, we offer a process designed to tailor competency-based assessment centers that meet an organization's needs. The design process is based upon standards and guidelines inherited from Phi Management philosophy, and it consists of five phases: Review, Assess, Validate, Design, and Execute.


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