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Phi Management and Best Practices: Agile Project Management


The business world has fallen under fixation with Agile Project Management recently, come to think of it, it is said and proven to be one of the most reliable and effective methodologies in project execution.

Agile Project Management encompasses short development cycles known as “sprints” in order to focus on the enhancement of products and services in projects. The methodology itself has been designed primarily for the software industry; however, due to its effectiveness, other industries such as consultancy have been involved in adopting it.

When it comes to consultancy, Agile Project Management is necessary as it improves the overall development of projects to secure rapid and prompt handling of inevitable issues which might arise. Furthermore, it increases flexibility and adaptability to change, ensures optimal project control for the consultant and the consultee, and most importantly it increases the frequency of both collaboration and feedback which are the cornerstones of Phi Management.

Agile Project Management is set on twelve basic principles, all of which Phi Management acknowledges and implements, some of which are; guarantee of consultee satisfaction, adaptation to changing environments to ensure a competitive edge for the consutlee, and close collaboration with stakeholders and developers on daily basis.