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Phi Management Talks Around: Importance of EQ within Corporate and Social Environment


One of the trendiest topics of current times is Emotional Intelligence. Why? It’s simple, numerous are the times when you get into an argument, a misunderstanding, or say statements that you regret or wish to go back in time and change your reaction. How many times do you regret messing up something only because you exaggerated in your reaction?


The most common denominator in every successful relationship is good communication, listening, understanding, empathy, and self-awareness. To be more precise, the set of skills associated with emotional intelligence (EQ). It happens that emotional competencies also translate extremely well in the business world, one study followed the hiring of sales agents for L’Oreal on the basis of certain emotional competencies. These agents outsold other salespeople by $91,370 for a net revenue increase of $2,558,360. In addition, the high EQ employees had 63% less turnover during the first year than those selected in the traditional manner. Noelle Nelson, a clinical psychologist, trial consultant, and author of "Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy," says that one of the easiest, most successful ways of supporting a worker’s EQ is to catch him/her in the act of doing something right. Like a healthy marriage or relationship, it comes down to communicating expectations and expressing appreciation.


To summarize, does your success at work, in relationships, in social environment, or with your kids depend on EQ? The simple answer is yes, because even if you are extremely skilful in every aspect of technical skills and you are unable to regulate when somebody pushes your hot buttons, then this IQ. This great functional ability won’t serve you. What differentiates an employee, manager, or mother from another is their ability to deal with stress, life, and make the best out of moments of anger, struggle, confusion, and fear. One ought to learn how to understand the underlying purpose, and not to allow his/her emotions to take control. On the other hand, one should use his/her mind and allow it take control and push it to think rationally instead of shooting an instinctive lazy historical reaction; fight, flight, or freeze.


Even if the mind and heart are in separate parts of the body, they still belong to the same mechanism and the equation is simple. We need to have a very clear image of ourselves and then learn to regulate through practice what might seem like a threat in a certain situation and let go of the inherited gene of reactive impulses. We do have other choices, what we have to do is to push our mind and learn how to regulate it, the rest is magic.


Phi Management tackles the concept of Emotional Intelligence in depth through a 2 day training program; Dynamic Conversations. 


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