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Generation Z, work values and attitudes

Feb-Mar 2015 . Mrs. Micheline El Housseini Timbrell


How to act to manage Gen Z to satisfy hospitality customers' needs

Each generation entering the world of work will impose its values and redefine the environment wherein it operates.

Therefore, in order to develop service oriented hospitality organisations, CEOs, leaders and managers of today need to understand the mind-sets of generations X, Y, and Z and understand how each group perceives the world based on their individual experience. In addition, human resources divisions must update their strategies to encompass the wants and needs of Gen Z. Gen Z are not only as technologically adept as the millennials, they have also grown up with the internet and the latest technological social communication media, and they never knew a world without them. They highly value mobility, building links and relationships, belonging to a network or a community, and virtualisation. Consequently, in hospitality employment it is important to give consideration to how appealing is the opportunity to work in hospitality to the talented Gen Z candidate. How to motivate fresh graduates who have no sense of urgency and lack a sense of ownership?

How to offer them opportunities to socialise and to become more engaged?

Among many other questions that can also be raised.

Tips to Gen Y leaders to manage Generation X and Z at the same time
Gen Z will only communicate through technology, and to reach them it is highly recommended to use social media, internet job sites, internet banner ads, text messaging, and other technological modes. When writing job postings, hospitality organisations must emphasize the job attributes and organizational environments that allow Gen Z to be multitasked and challenged, in order to improve themselves.

When Gen Z are hired, one of the best ways of motivating them might be by establishing cooperative goal and competencies structures while maintaining individual accountability. Thus, working in “scrums” or small working teams will foster a cooperative environment and develop their abilities to function as a team member within a social system.

To lower generational tension, Gen Y should establish a mentormentee relationship between Gen Z who are in continuous search for role models and Gen X who desire to be appreciated and acknowledged for their valuable experience.