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The 360 Quest® Talent Assessment and Development Tool.


The 360 degree feedback is internationally recognized as the most effective instrument to provide meaningful insights about an individual’s strengths and development needs.


Contrary to the usual annual performance appraisal which is a single-rater feedback, the 360 degree feedback is a multi-rater tool which has evolved from the need to increase both the frequency and quality of feedback; it entails on gathering additional perspectives from the people who work around the individual about his performance and work-related behaviors. The 360 feedback also includes a self-assessment which allows the individual to compare his perception of himself with that of the people he interacts with, increase his self-awareness, and identify his blind spots in order to reach full potential. After gathering the feedback, the individual in question will have at his disposal a detailed report, and a coaching expert who will help him turn the results into real development opportunities.


Phi Management truly believes in the importance of this leadership development tool and continuously upgrades its 360Quest® Feedback product from process to design (upgrade of platform, real-time survey progress summary, report upgrade, etc.). Besides the standardized tool, Phi Management’s 360Quest® Feedback can be also customized according to the organization’s competency framework upon request.


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