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First job fundamentals

Jan - Feb 2014 . Mrs. Micheline El Housseini Timbrell


First job fundamentals

Get one step ahead with our insider knowledge on how to search for the all important first job in hospitality.

So, you’ve walked across the graduation stage, received your graduation certificate and are ready for the big wide world of work. Perhaps for some a job already awaits, one in which you have proven yourself over time during an internship organized by your university. But, this isn’t always the case for all. Are you ready for the job hunt? Do you have what it takes – the skills, the stamina, and perhaps most importantly, the right attitude?

So, where should you look?

Obviously online employment agencies and job sites, job fairs, print media such as newspapers and industry magazines, trade fairs/exhibitions such as HORECA, social media, and 'word of mouth' are all viable avenues in the search for work. Before heading to any of the above, being prepared is essential, from updating your resume to knowing what you want.

So should you send you resume to each and every potential employee? Probably not. Being focused is going to yield better results more than sending your resume off in a 'scatter-gun' manner is which wastes much needed time and energy required to get the best job that fits your skills and qualifications.
Applying on 'spec' (speculations), or in other words, approaching all potential employers even when no particular position is being advertised is, according to Charbel M.El khoury, chairperson Hotel Management at Le Cordon Bleu, an approach to avoid. "Sending your resume out on chance is certainly not taken seriously in Lebanon. Perhaps in the Gulf region it is a more acceptable practice".

Timely advice

So then, shooting your resume out there might not be the best approach. Nor is, according to Micheline El Housseini Timbrell, managing director, Phi Management Group, an HR and Management consulting company, disregarding jobs that you may perceive below your station or too menial for what you have studied or your perceived skills.
"It is clear that the current generation, known by generation Y, expect their career to move at a faster pace than 20 years ago, meaning, that most expect to reach senior management positions in the industry. My advice for them would be to make sure they spend time, at least for a short period, in these positions to understand the importance of such functions in delivering great customer experience."
"You need to start from the bottom of the organizational chart and in the future there will always be growth opportunities for those who deserve it", said Marie Licha, human resources manager, Le Grey hotel, Beirut. "Climbing up the [career] ladder happens step by step, from the bottom up. Most students these days don’t want to apply for entry level jobs," said Joseph Coubat, area vice president of Rotana Hotels and general manager of City Center Rotana. The message, then, is clear: start at the bottom and work your way up, acquiring 'enroute' the necessary and basics skills for the senior job you have set your eyes on.

Continuing Education and Training Will Get Results

According to Micheline Housseini Timbrell, managing director, Phi Management Group, an HR & management consulting company, the world of work changes fast and people in work need to kedep constantly updated through every means, whether it be through trainings, books, travels, experiences, Internet searches, TV, magazines, and so on. "Further education creates a person who is armed with advanced knowledge, experience and professional attitude," said Dr. Tanios Kassis, dean of Sagesse University Faculty of Hospitality Management.

"There is a keen focus on education nowadays, regardless of your role within the hospitality industry.
People need to know why they are doing what they do, regardless at what end of the spectrum their job is.
Ultimately, further education and all that is entails will help you to further your career, whether a promotion or a better job elsewhere."