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Phi Management Articles: Employee Engagement and Learning Academies


It has been said that employee engagement is the emotional attachment which employees feel towards their work-place, job role, position within the company, colleagues, and culture and the affect which this attachment has on wellbeing and productivity. Several studies have been conducted to determine tools, strategies, and means to increase employee engagement and thus employee satisfaction within corporations. Major engagement gurus indicate that what engages and motivates employees is relevant to individualistic needs and desires which revolve around either of the following; salary alteration, yearly bonus, company culture, promotion, management-employee relations, transparent communication, and employee development.

Companies habitually conduct engagement surveys and decide to approach their findings in different forms often missing out, or turning a blind eye on a golden element, employee development. Employee development is translated into numerous possibilities some of which are; assigning individualistic career plans, conducting individual development plans, regularly training employees, or further enrolling them in corporate learning academies. Unfortunately, 76% of millennials consider that professional development opportunities are most important for company culture and engagement (Execu-Search), and only 34% of companies focus on that aspect to retain employees (American Management Association).


When it comes to GALLUP, it endorses moving past satisfaction surveys and creating a culture of development for engagement. Phi Management would like to share with you it’s most recent testimonials which validate that learning academies not only develop employees, but also boost their sense of engagement;


Joe Matar | Sales Executives Program: "The academy helped me evolve as a person in more than one way. Everything we learnt is applicable at the workplace, it exceeded my expectations. I am extremely grateful for ABC Team and Phi Management."


Jessica Salim | Brand Representatives Program: "The academy was the best way ABC could develop me. I enjoyed it to the maximum."


Mohamad Rihawi | Deputy Floor Managers Program: "The whole academy was very fruitful; we learned a lot and we improved our knowledge directly and indirectly related to our daily job."


Nada Rhayem | Floor Managers Program: "ABC Talents Academy translated ABC’s interest in developing its employees with the cooperation of Phi Management’s professional trainings."