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Phi Management Talks Around: Should Training Organization Rely More on Social Learning


Social Learning became the rallying cry for a generation that connects over the internet. Nowadays, any millennial who enters the workforce prefers media to spoken conversation. Therefore, nowadays trainers address millennials through social media and deliver training sessions to support their training goals. Lots of training organizations are wondering today, should social media have a role in training?

As a matter of fact social media learning is revolutionary for the contact made as much as the information. For example Booz Allen Hamilton is using social media learning a lot, and this has increased the collaboration of employees across all levels of the company and throughout geographies. Moreover, this also helped employees remain closely connected and up-to-date with whatever is happening at the company.


Social learning on another note is known for the speed with which information flows. For example, online material can be easily updated as change occurs, or someone might tweet while attending a conference and share it with his employees, shoot a live video rather than wait to go back to the office and write a memo about it, or organizing a meeting to brief the employees about the outcome of the conference. What’s interesting and exciting about social learning is that it is not a panacea for all training needs, but it does serve as a tool which can enhance technical training as well as soft skills. The challenge therefore is to leverage the transformative potential of social learning while remaining focused on organizing training and learning vision and goals.