Lessons From Great Communicators

Lesson 7:

You Are Creative


Lesson 8:

Working On The Voice Timbre


Lesson 10:

It is not all about you, but about them: your audience


Lesson 11:

"I used to be the laughing stock at school….if this can happen to me, imagine what could happen to you"


Lesson 12:

"When you are on stage: Act, Perform and never Present" Phi Management, Speakers Corner® Public Speaking & Communication Academy


Lesson 13:

Never Ask The Audience To Clap For You!


Lesson 14:

Don’t Mistake Shouting for Passion and Hollering for Intensity


Lesson 15:

In Your Speech, Do Not Fall Into the Comparison Trap


Lesson 101:

The science of stage fright (and how to overcome it)


Lesson 102:

Hours of study, training and practice. A lesson from Jessye Norman, one of the greatest singers of her generation, her new memoir "STAND UP STRAIGHT AND SING"


Lesson 103:

What to think before taking the stage.


Lesson 104:

PowerPoint is becoming obsolete; have you started using infographics?


Lesson 105:

Remember, PowerPoint slides are not the presentation, YOU are!


Lesson 106:

Creating ON STAGE experience


Lesson 107:

Engaging the audience with Passion


Lesson 108:

"Having Something Worth Saying"


Lesson 109:

"The art of debate: Preparation and experience matter”