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Phi Management Talks Around: Importance of Problem Solving


In this agile world of business we all need three forms of applied thinking in order to survive; decision making, problem solving, and creative thinking. Decision making is about deciding what is the most suitable action to take for our business and it usually involves choices between several options. Problem solving is about digging deeper to find out the root cause and coming up with the best solution; moreover, the outcome of creative thinking is new ideas.


Any leader who aspires to excellence has a vested interest in seeing that the best decisions are taken, that problems are solved in an optimal way and that innovations are necessary for tomorrow's business to flow freely. Everyone in your organization should be engaged in meeting these essential requirements. However, you are the one who is called to provide intellectual leadership that is needed. One step that you should definitely take is to master the systematic process of problem solving. Phi Management’s Business Problem Solving course offers the 6 steps of problem solving which would help you to master this process.


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